Nilamani Eco

What is Nilamani Eco?

With the island of Bali being the backdrop and home to three of our resorts, we strive to preserve and do as much as we can to help maintain its magnificence. With the help of our dedicated family of staff, we’ve highlighted a few main issues that we’ve committed to contribute in:

  1. Break Free from Plastic

As part of our effort to break free from excessive plastic use, we have reduced our plastic usage dramatically in 2017 by switching from plastic bottles to glass bottles that can be cleaned and reused. Having developed our very own clinically approved laboratory that purifies sea water into clean drinking water, not only have we eliminated the use of more than 300,000 plastic bottles in a year, but we’re also serving you with cleaner and healthier water than those processed in bottles! Also, we have switched from using up to 300 plastic straws a day, to bio-degradable paper straws that are easier to recycle and dispose of!


  1. Saving Water

In the spirit of preserving water, each of our resorts have come up with the initiative of washing linens and towels only based on guests’ needs. So, upon request, we’ll provide you with your fresh linens and towels. However, if you feel that your linens and towels are still clean to use, you’ll be helping us save water by giving it another day.


  1. Helping the Sea Turtles of Bali

With Bali being most known for its beautiful beaches and stunning nature’s reserves, we wanted to contribute in help preserving the existence of one of its most beloved inhabitants—the sea turtles! Working together with the Bali Sea Turtles Society, we’ve sold more than 100 handmade turtle dolls, to which the proceeds goes to the foundation and is used to create shelter and protection for the eggs to hatch safely. During certain times of the year, the foundation will alert you of the hatching times, and you’ll be able to go to the beach and witness those little baby turtles as they take their first steps into the ocean!


  1. Beach, please!

Knowing that the island’s most loved for its white sands and crashing waves, to see that our beaches are now slowly being filled with trash and waste is extremely saddening. Committed to restore our beaches to its former glory, our family of staff from each of our resorts dedicates time every week to get together on the beach and try our best to clean as much as trash as we can! Why? Because a beautiful day at the beach, is always the best of days!


  1. Blood is thicker than Water

Working together with Red Cross Indonesia, our three resorts organizes a blood donating day every 3 months that’s dedicated to our family of staff. With plans of creating opportunities for our guests to contribute to this noble cause in the near future, we hope that our efforts will not only help those in need, but also induce a positive impact long-term.


When you’re staying with us, every little effort of yours is greatly appreciated! You’re helping us get a step closer to preserving our beautiful island! #TeamBALI #NilamaniECO